Agile Methods and Open Source (AMOS)

This course teaches agile methods in a university context using semester-long projects. The class sessions of 90 min. each cover half a semester to leave room for guest speakers.

An important part of how I run AMOS at a university is to engage outside industry partners as (simulated) customers. How to do so effectively at scale, I explain in the Uni1 project concept.

Overview (pre-2022, discontinued)

For the most recent version see Uni1.

01Course Introduction90min.
02Project Management90min.
03Software Processes90min.
04Agile Product Management90min.
05Agile Software Development90min.
06Agile Quality Assurance90min.
07Agile Process Improvement90min.
08AMOS Demo Day!90min.


Class quizzes and other materials are available to colleagues.


Unless specified otherwise, the AMOS course materials are licensed under the CreativeCommons CC BY 4.0 International license.