Category: 1.4 Grant Proposals

  • A common single-person research design that does not work (well)

    I’ve had some success in grant proposals with research designs for human-centered software engineering that follow the following (common) pattern. It is a three-step of

  • Dear Ministry, Are You Serious?

    Translated from the (German) instructions on the final step of submitting a project plan for funding: Please specify exactly how many and which publications you will publish over the next three years. Yeah, right.

  • The Role of a Literature Review in Grant Proposals

    Christmas is coming up, so what’s a professor got to do? Hide from the family and work on grant proposals, naturally. Right now I’m upset about the misunderstanding of the role that literature reviews play in grant proposals (by way of reviewer comments). Reviewing literature is just a general activity, but one that can serve…