Software Product Management (PROD)

Software product management (PROD) is a course that teaches students software product management using the case method.

If you are new to the concept of teaching cases, please read the case method explained first.

I don’t have comprehensive teaching instructions at hand, so you may simply want to see how I used to teach it.


A01Course IntroductionPDF, ODP30 min.
A02Course HomeworkPDF, ODP30 min.
A03Working Teaching CasesPDF, ODP30min.
B01Software ProductsPDF, ODP30 min.
B02Software Product RevenuePDF, ODP30 min.
B03The Software IndustryPDF, ODP30 min.
C01Software Product ManagementPDF, ODP45 min.
C02Strategic Product ManagementPDF, ODP45 min.
C03Technical Product ManagementPDF, ODP45 min.
C04User Experience DesignPDF, ODP45 min.

Teaching cases

Case IDCase NameCasePages
2017-01The Case of SUSE ManagerPDF34
2016-04Pricing at Everest SARLPDF
2016-03Hard Software Marketing Choices at ownCloudPDF31
2016-02Stock Options at CalderaPDF19
2016-01Getting Licensing Right at ownCloudPDF29
2014-03Specifying ‘Wow!’ at ElektrobitPDF20
2014-02Switching Suppliers at NokiaPDF16
2014-01User Experience Design at ImmoweltPDF
2013-03Confused Modeling at Eva’s Way (retired)PDF
2013-02Two-sided Markets at NetdosisPDF27
2013-01Herding Requirements at GfK (retired)PDF
2012-02Going Agile at Elisa (retired)PDF
2012-01Ensuring Innovation at Method ParkPDF20


Lecturers at accredited universities and teaching organizations can request case materials from us. These case materials should not be given to students. To request materials, please send me email and let us know which case you are interested in. We typically offer at least the following materials:

  • Class slides for teaching the case in class
  • Homework solution (for example case question)


Unless specified otherwise, the PROD introductory lectures are licensed under the CreativeCommons CC BY 4.0 International license.


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  • Grace Ting
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Additional credits are listed at the end of each case.