Advanced Design and Programming (ADAP)

Students learn concepts of advanced object oriented design and programming using a single semester-long project.

The project is the open source photo rating software Wahlzeit, which like the slides can be found on GitHub.

Slides and videos

1.Method types and propertiesslidesvideo60 min.
2.Class and interface designslidesvideo60 min.
3.Subtyping and inheritanceslidesvideo60 min.
4.Design by contractslidesvideo60 min.
5.Error and exception handlingslidesvideo60 min.
6.Value objectsslidesvideo60 min.
7.Design patternsslidesvideo60 min.
8.Type objectsslidesvideo60 min.
9.Object creationslidesvideo60 min.
10.Collaboration-based designslidesvideo60 min.
11.Object-oriented frameworksslidesvideo60 min.


Class quizzes and other materials are available to colleagues.


Licensed under the CreativeCommons CC BY 4.0 International license.