Commercial Open Source Startups (COSS)

Students learn how the software industry works, how commercial open source works, and how to create startups from research.

I’m currently not teaching this course, so the content may not be up-to-date any longer.

As an alternative, I can offer my Research-to-Startup (R2S) course to you.

Slides and videos

A01Course introductionslides
A02Course homeworkslides
A03The business model canvasslides
Part I
B01The software industryslidesvideo60min.
B02Software productsslidesvideo60min.
B03Software vendorsslidesvideo60min.
B04Business modelsslidesvideo60min.
Part II
C01Open source softwareslidesvideo60min.
C02Open source projectsslidesvideo60min.
C03Commercial open sourceslidesvideo60min.
C04Cloud service strategiesslidesvideo60min.
Part III
D01Software startupsslidesvideo60min.
D02Research and startupslidesvideo60min.
D03University spin-offsslidesvideo60min.


Class quizzes and other materials are available to colleagues.


Licensed under the CreativeCommons CC BY 4.0 International license.