Commercial Open Source Startups

This course teaches students how the software industry works, how open source and commercial open source work, and how to spin off a commercial open source startup from university.

Videos are still being recorded, thank you for your patience!



A01Course introduction (slides, no video)
A02Course homework (slides, no video)
A03The business model canvas (slides, no video)
Part I
B01The software industry (slides, video)60min.
B02Software products (slides, video)60min.
B03Software vendors (slides, video)60min.
B04Business models (slides, video)60min.
Part II
C01Open source software (slides, video)60min.
C02Open source projects (slides, video)60min.
C03Commercial open source (slides, video)60min.
C04Cloud service strategies (slides, video)60min.
Part III
D01Software startups (slides, video)60min.
D02Research and startup (slides, video)60min.
D03University spin-offs (slides, video)60min.
D04Fundraising (slides, video)60min.


For grading and exercises, class quizzes and other materials are available to colleagues.