Category: 2.3 The AMOS Project

  • Announcing Open Course “Agile Methods and Open Source”

    Agile Methods and Open Source (AMOS) teaches agile methods in a university context using semester-long projects. The class sessions of 90 min. each cover half a semester to leave room for guest speakers.

  • Teaching Materials for Agile Methods Course

    Update 2018-08-01: The old materials are not available any longer; please watch this space for the new release! I finally put my teaching materials for my agile methods course on this website. The slides are available in “source” form, i.e. Open/LibreOffice format, as well as PDFs. I also added supplementary materials like the videos I…

  • Das AMOS Projektkonzept (2011)

    NACHHALTIGE PROJEKTE ZUM LERNEN UND AUSGRÜNDEN Dieser Artikel stellt das AMOS Projektkonzept vor, welches ich in der Informatik-Lehre an der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg einsetze. Ziel des AMOS Projekts ist es, Studierenden professionelle Softwareentwicklung in einem konkreten Projekt zu vermitteln, welches idealerweise zu einer Startup durch die am Ende ihres Studiums befindlichen Studierenden führt. Das AMOS Projekt…

  • The 2010 AMOS Project (from OSR Group)

    The AMOS Project is the Open Source Research Group’s main class, teaching students agile methods and open source practices. It is also part of my incubator for startups. We just finished the first year. For your convenience, here are links to the most recent and relevant blog posts on the 2010 AMOS Project.