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  • What Does Customer Success Mean for a Professor?

    A professor raises funds, manages projects, and publishes about it. Next to teaching, university committees, self-administration, recruiting and hiring, people management, peer reviews, community leadership, etc. Fundraising is called sales, if done by a company. Now, companies have something called customer success. What does this imply for a professor?

  • There’s More to Research Than Testing Hypotheses

    In a recent grant proposal, we proposed to develop a new method and to evaluate it using case study research. By definition, case studies are a good way of evaluating theories where you can’t control all parameters, as is the case with new methods in an open and complex world setting like software engineering. Interestingly,…

  • New Evaluation Criteria for Comparison of Object Creation Patterns in ADAP C09

    The lecture on object creation, ADAP C09 (edition of winter 2021/22), contained a simple evaluation scheme for comparing different object creation patterns. The scheme was perhaps too simple, and I improved it. The basic three dimensions of comparing the patters are now: Ease of reading Easy of changing (in place) Easy of extending (without changing)