Performing Scientific Research (NYT)

This course teaches students how to perform research. It is aimed at Bachelor and Master students who want to understand the process of science and write a scientific thesis. It is also suitable to Ph.D. students who missed such education.

The course consists of three main parts:

  • An introduction to science,
  • A methodology and methods part, and
  • A how-to-write part.

The overall linear sequence of slide decks and videos is more fine grain than the usual 90min. sessions and can be combined in different ways.

Please note that this (rather old) course is in need of updating and has yet to be fully converted and published. Hopefully, I’ll be done after the WS 2020/21.


A01Course introduction12min.
A02Course schedule12min.
B01Science in context30min.
B02Science illustrated13min.
B03Paper example17min.
B04Summary example12min.
B05Review example8min.
C01Science defined52min.
C02Research process23min.
C03Research question23min.
C04Literature review30min.
C06Research ethics30min.
D01Theory building50min.
D02The qualitative survey
D03Grounded theory
D04Case study research
E01Theory validation
E02Controlled experiments (Janet Siegmund)85min.
E03Survey research
F01Research papers22min.
F02Good writing style18min.
F03Paper opening28min.
F04Related work9min.
F06Paper closing11min.
G01Paper publishing30min.
G02Publishing in journals22min.
G03Publishing in conferences27min.
G04Peer review39min.
G05The publishing business49min.
H01Course conclusions


Lecture slides
YouTube playlist


Unless specified otherwise, the NYT course materials are licensed under the CreativeCommons CC BY 4.0 International license.