Going Agile at Elisa (Case 2012-02)

This case has been retired and is not available any longer.

Case summary

Ahtti Murumets, VP of engineering at virtual telecommunications operator Elisa Oyj, is reviewing a ten year history of software development projects at Elisa. All projects had had their unique challenges, including changing customer requirements, mergers and acquisitions, distributed development, and changing technology plattforms. Each project had tried a different approach to software development, ranging from traditional linear planning and execution all the way to agile methods like Scrum and Kanban. It is time to learn from these experiences and decide on what the best approach to software development is for the operator.

Example case question [1]

  • Which software development method fits Elisa Oyj best?

Case difficulty cube [2]

  • Analytical dimension: difficult
  • Conceptual dimension: easy
  • Presentation dimension: average

Freely available materials

  • Case 2012-02: Going Agile at Elisa (not available any longer)
  • Concepts and frameworks

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