Herding Requirements at GfK (Case 2013-01)

This case has been retired and is not available any longer.

Case summary

Michael Meyer, business analyst at GfK Retail and Technology, had recently started working on a performance improvement project for one of GfK’s longest running products, the StarTrack system. As the project’s business analyst, he was responsible for determining and prioritizing requirements. However, a large number of stakeholders brought needs to the table that threatened to blow the project out of proportion. In a never ending stream of meetings, no consensus on project requirements seemed reachable.

Example case question [1]

  • How to improve GfK’s business analysis process?

Case difficulty cube [2]

  • Analytical dimension: Average
  • Conceptual dimension: Easy
  • Presentation dimension: Average

Freely available materials

  • Case 2013-01: Herding Requirements at GfK (not available any longer)
  • Concepts and frameworks

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