Pricing at Everest SARL (Case 2016-04)

Case summary

Everest SARL is an enterprise software company. After having been spun out of a larger company, it had been able to acquire several large customers. Yet, the company’s investors weren’t happy: Revenues did not cover cost nor promise a bright future for their investment. Bernard Martin, Everest’s main product manager, knew the reason only too well: An unclear pricing schedule with large discounts given to customers that threatened the viability of the company. Thus, Everest needs a new pricing schedule as well as a strategy to streamline customer discounts and to reset its relationship to the purchasing departments of their customers.

Please note that all names and data have been changed and anonymized from the underlying company and situation.

Example case question [1]

  • What should Martin do?

Case difficulty cube [2]

  • Analytical dimension: Difficult
  • Conceptual dimension: Difficult
  • Presentation dimension: Average

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