There’s More to Research Than Testing Hypotheses

In a recent grant proposal, we proposed to develop a new method and to evaluate it using case study research. By definition, case studies are a good way of evaluating theories where you can’t control all parameters, as is the case with new methods in an open and complex world setting like software engineering.

Interestingly, both reviewers to the proposal asked for hypotheses to test. Why weren’t there any? We had posed open-ended research questions, but no hypotheses that lead to a simple yes/no answer (well, rejection of a null hypothesis or not, usually).

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Good Use of Ancient SD Cards

I finally was able to find a good for of those old (ancient!) SD cards I have flying around. The ministry of education in Bavaria requires that I send exam questions to them before use, by mail (the one without an e-). I can burn the questions to a CD, or put them onto a USB stick, but I presume I can also use my old SD cards. Yay for reuse!

New Evaluation Criteria for Comparison of Object Creation Patterns in ADAP C09

The lecture on object creation, ADAP C09 (edition of winter 2021/22), contained a simple evaluation scheme for comparing different object creation patterns. The scheme was perhaps too simple, and I improved it. The basic three dimensions of comparing the patters are now:

  • Ease of reading
  • Easy of changing (in place)
  • Easy of extending (without changing)
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How to get a Ph.D. in Germany

In this 10min. video, I explain ways of getting a doctoral title (Ph.D.) in Germany. I specifically explain the individual doctorate and its differences to the structured programs of Anglo-Saxon universities. This talk is scheduled for Jan 24th, with 165 registrations for the live event one week before already.

Open Sourcing Research Software

In this 15min. video I’ll take you through the basic steps of open sourcing your research software. It covers purpose of open sourcing, the rights situation, license choice, and the actual step of open sourcing.

The slides are also available. Please note that the slides and video contain some simplifications so make sure you resp. your lawyers know what they are doing.

Documenting a Lead Author’s Contributions for a Cumulative Dissertation

Since 2021, my Ph.D. students have been able to submit cumulative dissertations for promotion rather than the traditional monographs. A cumulative dissertation is a set of published research papers, logically stapled together, and lead by an introduction that puts the research papers into context. This way, a graduate-level researcher can work incrementally towards their dissertation, one paper at a time.

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