Tag: Chat AIs

  • How to acknowledge the use of copyediting services

    I looked around research papers and did not find any acknowledgments of copyediting services used. Even before Grammarly and ChatGPT, authors have used human editors, and apparently this was not worth mentioning? This seems unfair to me and may have to change in the age of chat AIs. How about this template for the acknowledgments…

  • Demonstration that Chat GPT is human

    Or stupid. Probably both. Enough anthropomorphizing already.

  • Fixing scientific language using chat AIs

    I wanted to know whether a chat AI like ChatGPT would help my students and me improve scientific writing (not every Ph.D. student is born with superior language skills). So I asked.

  • An illustration of how chat AIs might disrupt teaching

    With the recent general availability of chat AIs like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, teachers have to ask themselves how to deal with student homework potentially created using these tools. In the following ten minute video I provide a short illustration from my own teaching how students might use such chat AIs in creating homework, and I discuss…