Top Three Career Advice for Students

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These are the three top pieces of career advice I give to my students:

  1. Feel comfortable with people and culture
  2. Be close to revenues, not expenses
  3. Join a growing organization

In more detail: If you don’t feel comfortable with the people you are going to work with, your job will be miserable. Chances are that even after moving within the organization, it won’t get much better.

If you help generate revenues (i.e. bring in money), the more you will be valued by the organization. This is because revenues are usually aligned well with purpose and mission. If all you create is expenses (costs), your position is likely to be precarious.

Finally, if you join a growing organization, opportunities for your own development will open themselves up naturally, and you can have a rich professional life. If the organization is shrinking, work may get difficult and your situation again, precarious.

Good luck!


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