When there is no alternative to inner source (upcoming talk)

I’ve been settling on this talk to motivate our inner source work; I will be holding it a couple of times over the coming year, most notably first at the upcoming Inner Source Summit 2023.

Title: When there is no alternative to inner source

Abstract: Sometimes, there is no alternative to using inner-source software development. In this talk, I look at the development of software platforms across business organizations within a multinational organization. Here, you can’t just create a new country organization to develop the platform that everyone wants, and an inner source approach would be the best choice. However, using inner source creates new challenges: How do you manage intellectual property? Ensure tax compliance? Create effective collaboration? This talk provides our preliminary answers. #platformdevelopment #transferpricing #productivity



  1. […] When there is no alternative to inner source at the inner source summit Nov 15th […]

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