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Upcoming talks in April and May 2023

I’ll be holding the following public (free) and commercial (closed) talks and seminars in the upcoming weeks.

2023-04-20: User-led open source projects and country-level competitiveness at Fraunhofer FOKUS.

2023-04-21: Streamlining open source license compliance (our commercial seminar, through Bayave GmbH).

2023-04-24: Open-source software and sustainability (in German most likely) at the TUM Digital Sustainability lecture series.

2023-05-02: Creating a ROS 2 distribution at Bosch; while closed to the public, I’ll be happy to hold this talk again for anyone interested.

2023-05-25: The research-to-startup program for Ph.D. students at University of Passau’s technology transfer office.

If any talk peeks your interest, feel free to contact me about it.


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