Creating a ROS 2 distribution [Upcoming talk]

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I’ll be giving a (somewhat unusual) talk about a new project I’m interested in. The talk will be held at UCSC (California Bay Area) second week of January and UQAM (Montreal) third week of January. HMU for details if you are are interested.

Abstract: The Robot Operating System (now ROS 2) is an open source middleware for operating robots. Similarly to Linux, Kubernetes, or OpenStack, ROS 2 has grown to be so complex that building ROS 2 from scratch has become impossible for most users. Hence, like in the other examples, users want to use a preconfigured well-integrated open source distribution of ROS 2. Open source distributions are being created in practice, but have not seen any research yet. In this talk, I will outline the challenges I see with building well-integrated, reproducible/verifiable, and certifiable open source distributions using ROS 2 as the example.


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